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Multicab For Sale

Wednesday, March 29, 2006
Blogger friends Rob & ZJ who are in Cambodia posted this ad and image for me:

A multicab FOR SALE.
It's still in very good RUNNING condition. Selling Price is Php 80,000.00 (roughly $1,600). Negotiable.
Do you want a picture?

Click here
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Programmable Drink?

Tuesday, March 28, 2006
Take a soda bottle, add customizable flavor buttons, and what do you get? Ipfini's "Programmable Liquid Container". Each bottle is filled with carbonated sugar water and feature additive buttons on its side (aroma, flavor, color), which allow for up to 32 combinations of soda on the fly.

wanna try?
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Credit Card Tools

Ultra Slim Credit Card Tools features: 2 inch serrated blade, can/bottle opener, screwdriver, 8X power lens, tweezer, toothpick, etc. etc. Some versions also feature a compass, scissors, nail file, staple puller and a light. Everything fits neatly into place like a puzzle and you can just tuck it into your wallet to bring with you everywhere. A great addition to any emergency survival kit

see more credit card tools
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Top 10 Strangest Computer Mice

Mouse Phone combines both telephone and mouse into a very uncomfortable looking design.

CP-1 USB Spy Mouse. Hidden inside this otherwise normal looking mouse is a condenser microphone - capable of picking up on any nearby conversations.

AMG Helmet Optical Mouse. An innovative new wireless optical mouse with a design inspired by Jean Alesi’s AMG-Mercedes Helmet.

see more mice
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Try On Clothes Without Undressing

The intelligent dressing room, shown by Metro Group at CeBit in Hannover, Germany, scans your measurements and lets you see on a projection screen how a piece will look on you.

check it out
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Super CD Bucket

This may just look like a simple plastic bucket to store your CDs in. The trick with the DC-101 CD library is that you can install indexing software, connect to a PC, search for the particular disc you're looking for and have it - just pop out.
check it out
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Hello Friends

Thursday, March 23, 2006
My dear Vasco, Nana, AW, Rob & ZJ, Elisha, Miguel, Albuquerque and Bizatch: I'm sad to inform you that I can't be online as often as I did (because of a change in my schedule) in the next several weeks. So I might not be able to drop by your blogs for quite some time. I will still be posting "quick posts" just to maintain this blog. As soon as my sked clears, I'll be seeing all of you again. Be missing you guys. Ciao!
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Videogame Urinal

A videogame in a urinal which helps maintain hygeine. Recessed into a urinal is a pressure-sensitive display screen. When the guest uses it, he triggers an interactive game, producing images and sound. The reduced size of the "target" improves restroom hygiene and saves on cleanings costs. It also makes a trip to the urinal "fun and games."
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Items, Items...

Coffee Candle Set

Personalized ASCII carpet
carpet/?s is an internet based project that allows you to purchase a personalised carpet made out of ascii (American Standart Code for Information Interchange).

Nailclipper with three cutting heads on three directions.

Laser Scissors
You can cut a straight line! Just aim the pin-point laser and follow the line. No marking, no crooked cuts.

The first official Swiss Army knife with a built-in MP3 player
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MP3 Watch

MP3 players no longer need to be little white plastic squares that need to fit in a pocket somewhere. Now, you can fashionably wear your MP3 player on your wrist and have a magnificent timepiece too!

see specifications
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Killer Bass

Friday, March 10, 2006
Do you want enough bass in your truck to kill you? Then try installing this 60 inch subwoofer.
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World's Largest

Iocell Korea calls their flashdrive 'the world's largest' in capacity.

Celldisk is a 16 GB flashdrive.
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Some Like It Hot - We Like It Cold

The Anti-Griddle.

This device quickly freezes sauces and purees instead of heating them!

1. Quickly freezes sauces and purees into solid, unique forms - or freezes just the outer surfaces while maintaining a creamy center.
2. Minus 30°F 'griddle' temperature ensures almost instantaneous results.
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Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Underwear for two! WHAT!!!!!!
check it out
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Product Dose Watches

Top ten geek watches from productdose.

Fossil Frank Gehry Watch

Nixon Dictator Watch

Equalizer High Frequency LED Watch

Mr.Gadget 1GB USB 2.0 Executive Watch

Cathode Corner Nixie Watch

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New Crustacean Discovered

Boing boing reports:
Scientists just announced the discovery of this strange new crustacean 900 miles south of Easter Island. According to a report in the journal of the National Museum of Natural History in Paris, divers first found the creature last year at a depth of 7,540 feet.
Scientists said the animal, which they named Kiwa hirsuta, was so distinct from other species that they created a new family and genus for it. The animal is white and just shy of 6 inches long - about the size of a salad plate.
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Hello Folks; Old Stuff

Hello people. I've been very busy lately so I got lazy with posting. Anyhow, here's some stuff I still haven't posted...they're, ah, a few weeks old (sorry). I still feel they're good so here they are.

go to site for instructions

2 avid gamers say of this invention: "After a few hours of gaming with our normal high-end mouse pads you get a build up of sweat. The mouse and mouse pad becomes slippery and you start to loose your competitive advantage due to the loss of precision. While there are a couple mice on the market that have small fans in them to dry out your palm, they all have major failings in precision and accuracy. So after some thought and discussion we chose to build out our own custom mouse pad with a blower in it to suck the air down through the pad and away from the gamer's hand. The result is astonishing!"
see how this is done

check it out
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